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EastmanTM CP
Adhesion Promoters
Eastman Chemical

Chlorinated, solvent or water based, adhesion promoters for coatings applied on plastic parts (PP, PE, TPO). Adhesion to untreated plastic parts can be achieved by using Eastman adhesion promoters as part of a primer or by formulating a one-step topcoat containing the adhesion promoter. Some other plastics such as PPO and nylon and non-plastic surfaces including aluminum and galvanized steel can also be made more receptive to inks and coatings using Eastman adhesion promoters.

CP 343-1 , CP 343-3, CP 153-3, CP 164-1, CP 515-2, CP 730-1, CP 310W, CP 347W, CP 349W

Product Management:

Dr. Christina Körber
Tel: +49 40 32092 - 296
Coatings, Construction Chemicals